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Duration 12 days
Season May, August, September

12 day tour Pearls of Central Asia (Women only scheduled group tour around Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan)

Scheduled tours will be held in case there is a number of participants (group) registered. If there are no, or just one person booked, the trip will not be arranged. Final notice that the tour will be held/will be cancelled (due to luck lack of participants) will be done by e-mail 5 days prior to the trip start date.

Departure dates (season 2020):

March 25 - April 5 (sold out)

May 8 - May 19

August 25 - September 5

Price per person for a group of 4 pax - 1 870$

Price per person for a group of 6 pax - 1 770$

Price per person for a group of 8 pax - 1 680$

Price per person for a group of 10 pax - 1 650$

If you will be traveling alone and there is currently no other participant for the trip, you will be put on a waiting list. In case there's still no other participant on the date of travel, then your tour will be cancelled with a full refund

1 Day

Arrival to Almaty. Border crossing procedures. Meet and greet service. Almaty city tour. This day is dedicated to a guided tour of Almaty. The tour starts with sightseeing in central part of Almaty: Republic and Independence square, Opera and Ballet theatre, Astana and Abay square, Arbat walking and shopping street. 13:00 Lunch at the local restaurant. After lunch visiting the Kok-Tobe hill where the tallest TV tower in the world is located and where you will get by the picturesque winding mountain road. The tour continues with the short ride from the top of the hill to the center of the city by the famous Almaty cableway. You will visit a popular place for locals - the Green Bazaar. It is the great chance to experience an atmosphere of the real eastern market, its colors, smells and crowds. Also you will visit Rakhat's chocolate factory retail outlet. Rakhat is the oldest manufactures of chocolates dating back to almost 70 years. They also make chocolates for people suffering from diabetes and their low-calorie products like candies, cookies and waffles are a range among the people and tourists. 18:00 Dinner at the local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.

2 Day

Alma arasan gorge 10:00 Meeting with your guide-driver at the hotel lobby. You will get to the Alma - Arasan, recreation area. Big Almaty gorge, where at an altitude of 2,510 m above sea level located the Big Almaty lake - one of the most picturesque lakes in Trans-Ili Alatau. Hiking and free time. Departure to the traditional restaurant for the private cooking class. Assisted by chef of restaurant, you will learn and experience the culinary technique of traditional Kazakh cuisine. Cooking an authentic Kazakh cuisine that includes one main dish: Koktal, Plov or Kuyrdak. Koktal is a dish of Asian cuisine. It is a fish smoked with vegetables in a hot way. Usually, freshwater species are used for this dish, as a rule, a carp, and vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and others. Plov. Commonly plov is cooked with rice, fresh mutton or beef, yellow or red carrot, onions and vegetable oil. Kuyrdak is a traditional dish of Central Asia, which cooked using mutton organ meat: lungs, liver kidney, heart. The name of the dish comes from the word “қуыру”– to fry. 14:00 Lunch including two types of salads, two types of starters, samosa with meat and tea with local sweets. 16:00 Departure to the Sunkar falcon farm .On the way back to the town you will visit the Falcon Farm, where you will enjoy a spectacular show with specially trained hawks - hunting with them is one of the most unique features of the Kazakh way of life. 17:00 Birds of prey show. Sunkar was originally established to protect the falcon, whose numbers dropped alarmingly in the ’80s and ’90s, when a thriving market developed to export the birds to Arabia for big money. Habitat degradation and the impact of agrochemicals are other big issues confronting almost all birds of prey in Kazakhstan. 18:00 Transfer to the Almaty. Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

3 Day

Issyk lake 09:00 departure from the hotel Almaty 10:30 Your guide will pick you up at 09 a.m. and you will be transferred to Issyk Historical and Cultural museum. We will start our tour with visit of unique burial mounds of Sacae tribes, dated VI-IV centuries B.C.. Issyk Historical and Cultural museum and reserve where you can see the famous Golden Man, the Sacae prince and the symbol of sovereign Kazakhstan. Together with us you will go deep into the centuries, the time of great Scythian Queen Tomiris and learn about the history of Great Steppe. 12:00 organic local homemade cheese and wine tasting: 4 types of local cheese and wine tasting – white rkatsiteli, rose Pinot noir, red saperavi (2 hours). Lunch (homemade tandoori chicken). 14:45 Issyk Lake .During the tour you will visit amazingly beautiful mountain lake Issyk, that used to be a popular resort during the Soviet time. The lake is located at the territory of Ile -Alatau National Park. The age of this lake is 8000 years. 15:45 departure to Almaty. 17:30 arrival, dinner and transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

4 Day

The best souvenirs are either the ones you purchase directly from an artisan, or ones that you make yourself under the instruction of an artisan. The Felt Workshop is hosted by local felt artist is a wonderful opportunity to create your own felt product using a traditional Kazakh technique of felting. 10:00 departure from the hotel. 10:30 arrival to local felt artist’s house. Felt making workshop (up to 1-1,5 hour). You learn the symbolism represented by traditional designs, patterns, colors and more during this workshop. 12:00 Cooking class. You will learn how to make dough for Baursak and manty. Baursak is a certain type of bread typical for Turk people, it looks like a small deep-fried donut. The Baursak can be served as the dessert or accompany the main course. Manty - is a type of dumpling popular in most Turkic cuisines. 13:00 lunch. After lunch you will continue Felt making workshop. 16:00 departure to the hotel 17:00 arrival to the hotel, dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

5 Day

Arrival in Tashkent. Breakfast at the hotel and check out. Transfer to the airport of Almaty. Direct flight to Tashkent. Arrival, meet and greet service. City tour in Tashkent: Old part of the city: the religious complex Khasti Imam: consisting of Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum (XV centure), Barak Khan Madrassah (XVI centure), Muy-Mubarak Mosque – storehouse of the well-known Koran of Khalif Osman and gold hair of prophet Muhammad; Dzhuma-mosque of Khodja Akhrar Vali, Kukeldash Madrassah (XVI), Abdulkasim Madrassah (XIX). After lunch visiting modern part of Tashkent: The State Museum of Applied Arts of Uzbekistan, visiting Independence Square, after continue to Navoi Theater square and Amir Timur Square. Overnight at the hotel.

6 Day

Tashkent – Bukhara. Breakfast at the hotel. 06:30 Transfer to the railway station. 07:28 Depart Tashkent by high-speed train “Afrosiab”. 11:19 Arrival in Bukhara. Meet with the driver and transfer to the old part of the city. Meet with the guide and start walking city tour in Bukhara:Ismael Samani Mausoleum - the tomb of representatives of Samanids’ jeweler at the end of IX – beginning of X), Chashma Ayub Mausoleum (Spring of Job – XIV), Bolo-Hauz Mosque (beginning of XX), Citadel Ark (IV) – city in a city, Poi Kalon Ensemble (Pedestal of the Great), religious heart of Sacred Bukhara, consists of Minaret Kalon (XII), Kalyan Mosque (XII), Miri Arab Madrassah (XVI),  Ulugbek’s Madrassah (1417), Magoki-Attori Mosque (dated XII-XVI centuries), Lyabi-Khauz Ensemble (dated XIV-XVII centuries), Chor-Minor (four minarets). Free time: we advise you to visit Bukhara Dome Bazaars (dated 15-16 centuries): Toki Saraffon (the Dome of Moneychangers), Toki-Telpak Furushon (the Dome of Cap makers), Toki Zargaron (the Dome of Jewelers) and Tim Abdullakhan (the Center of silk). Enjoy your time and have a soul-healing tea break at the Tea House serving several kinds of finest aromatic tea with oriental sweets. Visit Nodir Devon Begi Madrasah for folk show. Overnight at the hotel.

7 Day

Breakfast at the hotel. 10:00 tour around Holy places in Bukhara visit to Bahouddin Nakshbandi mausoleum (16-19th c.), to the sepulchers of his mother and his preceptor (14th c.), mausoleum Chor-Bakr (10th c.). Summer residence of last Emir of Bukhara. Back to Bukhara. You could visit one of the medieval baths in Bukhara. The most famous Bukhara bath of the 16th century was "Kunjak Hammam" for women.You can visit it from Wednesday to Monday from 7:00 to 15:00 hours. The bath provides services of various types of massage, and the fragrance of mysterious incense will immerse you in this oriental pleasure. Afternoon free time for leisure and own explore Bukhara. Overnight at the hotel.

8 Day

Bukhara – Gijduvan – Samarkand. Breakfast in the hotel. 09:00 Transfer to Samarkand by individual car (the departure time is to be agreed for later/earlier transfer by request). On the way, near town Gijduvan visit workshop of famous Uzbek pottery master Abdulla where you can learn more about the process of making ceramics, visit museum hall and even buy some of unique ceramic items . By request, visit to sardoba and Rabat-i Malik caravanserai -the remains of the most ancient portals in Central Asia with semi-column decorations on the walls. Arrival in Samarkand in the late afternoon. Check in the hotel. At 18:00 visit master-class of Uzbek cuisine and feel the atmosphere of an Uzbek style of life. Free time. Overnight in Samarkand.

9 Day

Samarkand Breakfast at the hotel. 09:00 City tour in Samarkand: Visit Gur Emir Mausoleum - Tamerlane’s Tomb (14-15th c.) – Guri Amir is Persian for “Tomb of the King” Continue to Registan square - Registan square heart of Samarkand. Registan Square is ornate portals, patterned minarets and glistening cupolas. Registan Square consist with three madrasahs: The Ulugh Beg Madrasah (1417–1420), the Tilya-Kori Madrasah (1646–1660) and the Sher-Dor Madrasah (1619–1636). All three madrasahs rife with glazed mosaics in liquid shades gold. Visit Bibi-Khanum Mosque – The Bibi Khanym complex in Samarkand built in 1399–1405 with the spoils of Timur’s (Tamerlane’s) campaign in India. Bibi Khanym named in homage to Timur’s senior wife, Sarai Mulk Khanym. Visit Islam Karimov memorial complex and continue to Architectural complex Shakhi-Zindeh (11-15th c.) – The necropolis of Shah-I Zindah (Persian for “living king”) revered as a memorial to Kusam-ibn-Abbas, a cousin of the Prophet Mohammad. Free time at SIEB national bazaar where you can buy real Uzbek fruits, sweets souvenirs etc – Pls do not hesitate to Bargain and Taste Unforgettable Samarkand Bread – Lepeshka Visit to The Theatre of Historical Costume ‘El Merosi’. During the show the actors demonstrate the costumes of different historical periods in Uzbekistan, from the Bronze Age to the present day. There you can see clothes worn by the Saka and Massageatae, Zoroastrians, Persian and Sogdian rulers and noblemen and others. The theatre’s collection includes a wide range of colourful garments from the Timurid period, as well as traditional clothes from all of the present-day regions of Uzbekistan. Overnight at the hotel.

10 Day

Samarkand A countryside trip near Samarkand starts with visiting silk carpet factory “Hudjum” where female masters weave incredibly amazing unique patterns decorated with ancient ornaments. The weaving technology is handed down from generation to generation. The visitors can observe the process and order a carpet of any design. Paper factory Meros is famous for its extraordinary technology of producing paper that is based on using exclusively natural raw material. The quality of paper is very high so that it can be preserved for 300-400 years. The cave of Hazrat Daud, from 0.5 to 4-m wide, up to 15-m high and up to 60-m long, has a dark tunnel with Daud’s handprints and footprints at the end of it. If a person touches them it is believed to make all the wishes come true. 16:00 Transfer to Samarkand Railway station; 17:00 Transfer to Tashkent by "Afrasiab" / "Sharq" train. 19:10 Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting and transfer to hotel, check in. Free time. Overnight in Tashkent.

11 Day

Tashkent shopping city tour. Breakfast at the hotel. Meet with the driver and begin the shopping city tour. You will have a chance to visit and make purchases with oriental souvenirs for your family and friends. The hundred of years old bazaar “Chorsu” is a traditional bazaar with bright colors. “Chorsu” is the biggest and oldest in Uzbekistan. You could have a lunch, inside of “Chorsu” bazaar there is a big department with traditional meals cooked in front of your eyes. Then you will visit TSUM which is the main departmental store in Tashkent. You can buy silk and souvenir items for you home and beloved ones. The shopping could not be complete without hitting a mall in Tashkent. You will be transferred to Darwaza Mall in Tashkent city. This is one of the upscale malls. You can buy anything you want here such as fashion brands, shoes, clothes, bags and etc. Free time. Overnight in Tashkent.

12 Day

Tashkent Departure. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Departure.

Price per person for a group of 4 pax - 1 835$

Price per person for a group of 6 pax - 1 771$

Price per person for a group of 8 pax - 1 682$

Price per person for a group of 10 pax - 1 662$

  • Accommodation in 3* hotels on TWIN / DBL sharing basis
  • Meals: breakfast/ lunches/ dinners
  • Complimentary visits: Tea House and Nodir Devon Begi show/ Cooking Master Class/ El-Merosi Theatre.
  • Mineral water 1L per person per day
  • A/C comfortable transport with professional driver per itinerary
  • Train tickets Tashkent – Bukhara/Samarkand - Tashkent
  • Local professional English guides in each city
  • Cooking and craft classes in Almaty
  • Entrance fees for all mentioned monuments in Kazakhstan (gondola tickets to medeo and Koktobe hill, entrance fee to Sunkar falcon farm, ecofees, wine and cheese tasting)
  • Visa costs and processing
  • Hammam visit in Bukhara (by request)
  • Entrance fees for all mentioned monuments in Uzbekistan (better to pay it directly)
  • International air tickets (Almaty - Tashkent +98$pp one way)
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Any personal expenses / Any services not included in the above itinerary

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