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Duration 3 days

A trip to Baikonur will allow you to touch the world of space discoveries and feel the city and the place where the history of space travel has been written for many years.

Baikonur is the first and the largest spaceport in the world, the first manned space flight took place in history from this spaceport. The first Earth satellite was launched from here, and Yuri Gagarin first made a circle around our planet. The history of space exploration began here, and today Baikonur occupies one of the leading positions in the world in launching of the spacecraft.

Only 25 years ago it was a closed military town, and today it is a great opportunity for all dreamers and science fiction lovers to get acquainted with the history of astronautics, to see models of real rockets, spaceships  and talk to people that had an experience of being in the space .

For those who want to visit the Cosmodrome:

Today, a special regime operates in the city: entry is allowed with special permission and permission from Roscosmos. You can obtain an admission and permission by purchasing a tour through a travel company accredited by Rosсosmos.

It’s better to start paperwork  to receive permission to visit  spaceport a month before the launch of the rocket for CIS citizens, while for foreign citizens, documents must be completed  60 calendar days before the start. During this time, travel agency employees will receive permission for you to visit objects.

The tour to the spaceport consists of two parts:

• an excursion in the city of Baikonur and the Museum of the History of Cosmonautics,

• a trip to the spaceport itself, where you will see the launch pads and hangars, as well as the museum of Cosmonautics with the real Buran space shuttle where you can board the helm,  also you will  see the launch a real space ship if you purchased a ticket for a manned launch. The program is accompanied by a guide who will take care of your trip and make sure that it is comfortable and informative.

 A trip to Baikonur will allow you to touch the world of space discoveries and feel the city and the place where the history of space travel has been written for many years.


See rocket launch

Get inside the spaceship

Talk with astronauts

See the installation of rocket

Feel the roar of the spaceport

Visit the ‘alley’  of astronauts

1 Day

Day 1 Baikonur city, arrival

  • Arrival from Almaty/Astana to Kyzylorda airport. Pick-up at the airport. Transfer to Baikonur town (240 km). Arrival to Baikonur town. Transfer to the hotel, check-in, lunch.  Free time. Night stay at the hotel.

2 Day

Baikonur Cosmodrome

  • Breakfast at the hotel. Baikonur City tour. Transfer to Pad 17. Walk along the historical alley of Cosmonauts where personalized trees are planted. Lunch.

    Transfer to the cosmodrome, Pad 254. Space Crew ready-to-go official report.

    Transfer to the observation site of the Soyuz launch pad. Observation of manned/unmanned launch.

    Transfer back to town (Baikonur). Free time at the evening. Night stay at the hotel (Baikonur).
3 Day

Baikonur city, departure

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer from Baikonur to Kyzylorda. Arrival to the Kyzylorda airport for flight back to Almaty/Astana.

Notes: This is a preliminary program. The time and order of visiting the facilities of the Baikonur cosmodrome can be changed because of the specificity and technical features of this complex. Besides, the duration of the program depends on the date and time of the rocket launch, so each program is always adjusted for the particular launch.

  • ticket to the spaceport;
  • guides services at cosmodrome facilities;
  • excursion service;
  • visiting sightseeing sites;
  • transport service;
  • permission for photo and video shooting (according to the permission of the State Corporation "Roskosmos")
  • accommodation and meals
  • personal expenses
  • air and railway tickets

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3. a 0% refund for cancellations made 14 days prior to the tour start.

4. a 80% refund in case when Roscosmos refuses the Customer  in permission to visit the spaceport (Cosmodrome Baikonur),

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