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Duration 4 days
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Season Year-round

This tour gives a unique opportunity to visit the most beautiful places of Kazakhstan for 4 days. During this tour you will visit Altyn emel national Park and - best safari destinitaion in Kazakhstan, Charyn National Park and the pearl of the northern Tien Shan - Kolsay lakes.

This tour gives a unique opportunity to visit the most beautiful places of Kazakhstan for 4 days. During this tour you will visit Altyn emel national Park and - best safari destinitaion in Kazakhstan, Charyn National Park and the pearl of the northern Tien Shan - Kolsay lakes.

"Altyn-Emel” is a state national park located in the valley of the Ili River on the territory of Almaty region.

It is four times the size of Hong Kong the Altyn Emel is a Kazakhstan's safari destination.

The total protected area of the park is 520.2 thousand hectares.

You will be able to observe amazing landscapes "Martian hills" and relic willows.Here is history as well, with ancient burial mounds and petroglyphs. You may also see the wild animals living in national park: persian gazells, argali, Przewalski's horses. You will see unique singing sands, chalk Aktau and volcanic Katutau mountains. Aktau mountains could surprise you by its red, green, pink or even pale blue coloured stony slopes. Another attraction of Altyn-Emel Nature Park is Besshatyr – a complex of five royal burial mounds, Scythian rulers of VI-III centuries BC.

Just 260 km north of Almaty, Altyn Emel is one of the most accessible places to experience a piece of the great under-discovered Kazakh wilds.

1 Day

Breakfast and departure to Charyn canyon.

The canyon has been described as the Grand canyon’s little brother and is considered to be the floor of the ancient ocean Tethys. The erosion made by the river Charyn below and the elements created a dramatic and impressive landscape. The Charyn canyon itself is approximately 150 km and in some places up to 300 m deep.

Lunch. Departure to Kaindy lake.Transfer to Kaindy lake (11 km off-road). Kayndy lake was formed in 1911 after a huge earthquake that resulted in a big landslide from the eastern slope. The rockslide “place of origin” can still be seen today, because it has not been overgrown yet. The uniqueness of the lake is that after the rise of natural dam that blocked the gorge, water that filled a basin has formed a lake but has not destroyed the spruce that had been growing in this place along the river.

Dinner. Camping.

2 Day

Breakfast and transfer to Kolsay lake1.Kolsay Lakes – one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. These lakes are located at heights 2250 and 2700 meters above sea level. They are distinguished by the unique mountain watershed consisting of three natural zones and amazing variety of rare plants and animals. Hiking from Kolsay lake 1 to Kolsay lake 2 (8 km one way). Lunch and hike back.

Dinner. Camping

3 Day

Early breakfast and departure to Altyn Emel national park.

Tamgaly on Ily river (165 km from Almaty). Tamgaly tas – written cliffs, on the Ili river. Located 170 km from Almaty, natural boundary consists of huge cliffs. It was a place where beautiful images of Buddha and Burhans were found. Visit Bes Shatyr. Departure to Altyn emel national park. Lunch.

Singing sand (also called whistling sand or barking sand). The dune is composed of light-colored sand and has a length of about 3 km and a height of 150 m. In dry weather sands emit a sound similar an organ melody. Since ancient times this place was considered supernatural. The legends explained the sound by the activities of the desert spirits, mythical animals, the bells of buried towns, and underground rivers etc. sunset at the singing dune.Dinner. Camping

4 Day

Breakfast at trip to Aktau and Katutau mountain range. Aktau mountains are located 80 km from the village that takes approximately 1,5 hours to reach them. The Aktau hills look supernatural. You will observe rock layers of white, red and orange colors across the range, known as a unique paleontological deposit with an estimated age of 25-30 million years.

Katutau hills are less spectacular, but certainly interesting since it’s a good place to see argali. Ancient willow.Return to the guesthouse and lunch at Altyn emel sanctuary. Departure to Almaty.

Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

  • Transport with professional driver
  • Entrance fees for all mentioned national parks (except photo and video charges).
  • Guided hikes in Charyn, Kolsay lakes, Touyuk-Su
  • Accommodation: 3 nights camping.
  • Meals: full board – 3 meals a day: 3 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 3 dinners
  • English-speaking guide services
  • Water – 2L per person per day
  • Accommodation in Almaty
  • Airport meetings and transfers
  • Portages at airports and hotels
  • Photo and video charges
  • Alcohol + Beverages
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Any personal expenses
  • Any services not included in the above itinerary

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