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Duration 6 Days
Category SAFARI
Season April - November

Ustyurt plateau has long been attracting tourists from all over the globe. It attracts breathtaking types that resemble moon landscapes. The unique beauty of the place allows you to transfer to another world

Ustyurt is a huge desert and a plateau wit an area of more than 200,000 km located in the west of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), between Mangyshlak and Kara-Bogaz-Gol in the west, the Aral sea and the Amurdarya delta in the east. Ustyurt national preserve is located in this area. Ustyurt plateau has long been attracting tourists from all over the globe. It attracts breathtaking types that resemble moon landscapes. The unique beauty of the place allows you to transfer to another world

1 Day

Aktau – Saura – Zhyrylgan – Sultan epe - Capamsay KAZAKHSTAN Breakfast at the hotel and departure from Aktau city to Saura canyon. Saura is a coastal region of Caspian sea, where in a small canyon freshwater lake Karakol located. The lake depth is 5 m, constant replenishment of ground water allow relict species of the marshy freshwater turtle live here. In the morning turtles creep up on stones to warm up. Walking around the canyon. Then driving to the opposite side of the Tyub-Karagan peninsula - Zhyrylgan cape. Zhyrylgan is a huge geological landside, mysterious and far from being well known. We will visit Sultan epe – tomb of holy man, considered the protector of sailors. Capamsay. The tract Capamsay is disposed in Silicons’s Valley. Imagine: Chalky cliffs, and at the bottom of coulee is contained green grove with giant secular trees. Once there was a deep river here, but now it already dried. Now on this area there is a huge silicon pebbles valley. Installation of the camp (Capamsay), dinner and overnight

2 Day

Capamsay - Shokpak ata - Torysh - Sherkala - Kokala - Airakty KAZAKHSTAN After breakfast we will visit Shokpak ata. Underground mosque Shakpak Ata is carved in a mountain chalky rock. It is known that Sufis, which lived in this cave were practiced healing magic. They were helped people, who came here in order to get out from sickness. For that, they were relinquished sickness person in cave for the night. It was thought that, during the night the gracious spirit gets real on sickness person and illness will go away. Till now people are coming with hope to heal from illness. Torysh. The uncovering nodule lies on both side from mounting above hundreds of kilometers, which is giving the singularity to local landscape. Where bed was broken in a vertical position – which is formed long ridges from stones of various sizes. And where bed was broken in a horizontal position – there is nodule is occurring by field, that is formed the fanciful conglomerations of balls, eggs, mushrooms, UFO, cylinders, nest-dolls and animals. Such field from fancifulness has in area of the Torysh. Sherkala. This is legendary mountain, where was built the fortress in the middle ages, which secured the paths of Great Silk Way. The Sherkala is situated behind central and west systems of the mountain range Karatau, and in the north part of mountain Akmyshtau. “Sherkala” – by the translation from Turkmen language means “lion fortress” (“sher” – lion, “kala” – fortress). Kokala. This is small temporal tunnel in age of dinosaurs. There we cannot see the fossil bones or tracks of long-gone reptiles, but we can touch to real char coal from burnt forest with aging 170-00 million years, where wandered dinosaurs. The nature is surprisingly degraded the seams of clay, trough the nature create the fissile mountain from knolls, columns, mushrooms, pyramids and mini canyon with fanciful jagged beads. The Kokala is the natural mottled area among monotone rocky hill of Mangystau. Airakty Shomanay. Mountains of Airakty look like magic castle with spires, towers, colonnades and fort walls. Main sights of the valley are magic grots, fanciful caves, and palaces with colonnades, temples with cupolas, gothic spires and fanciful canopies. On one of mountain there is wild winding road, which punched by half-wild horses; from this mountain is overlooking a view on sightseeing platform where you can see faraway mounts of Aktau and all castles of Airakty. Installation of the camp (Airakty), dinner and overnight.

3 Day

Airakty – Shetpe - Tuzbair KAZAKHSTAN After breakfast we will visit Shetpe village where you will visit the modern caravan-sarai, try local food. The transfer to Tuzbair. The sor Tuzbair is the great creation of nature. This is area of ideal beautiful, which creates generally by two colors: white salt, white limestone, white clouds and blue sky in good weather. If you go to the sor Tuzbair from the west side, you can see perfectly amazing sight! Installation of the camp (Tuzbair), dinner and overnight

4 Day

Tuzbair – Naiza - Bozzhira KAZAKHSTAN After breakfast we will continue exploring Tuzbair (canyon and salt lake) Our next destination is Naiza mountain: sightseeing ancient hunting pounds. Our tour continues with relocating to the tract Bozzhira. This is part of cliff plateau’s Ustuyrt, which has unusual landscape in white chalky tones. The giant valley Bozzhira is surrounding on three sides with white canyons, peaks, mountain-towers, mountain-castle, mountain-yurtas. The visiting card is two limestone peaks, which called Fangs. Height of Fangs is more than 200 meters. Installation of the camp (Bozzhira), dinner and overnight in tents.

5 Day

Mountain Bokty – Kyzylkup – Karagiye - Aktau KAZAKHSTAN After breakfast we will continue exploring Bozzhira. Climbing to Bozzhira mountain. Free time. Departure to mountain Bokty. The road runs along the picturesque Ustyurt plateau. Bokty is located on the bottom of dry sor, where north side is narrow by hillock Golbanshe, where through permeate the graded road to mosque Becket Ata. Mountain Bokty has amazing characteristics. It is change its contours on different point of view. On the one side Bokty looks like giant boat with upside down keel. From the south side mountain looks like horizontal many-colored pyramid. Kyzylkup viewing platform. Kyzylkup valley is called by name of reservoir Kyzylkup which was in a northeast part of the natural boundary. On the way back to Aktau we will visit Karagiye depression, it stretches from north to south for 80 km with a width of 25-30 km. the deepest mark of Karagiye located in the southern part? Is 132 m below sea level, with gives the status of one of the deepest in the world. Here you can meet the fossilized remains of marine fauna Paleogene era – whales, sharks, rays, bony fishes, turtles and shells of extinct mollusks Arrival to Tokmak cape. Installation of the camp (Tokmak), dinner and overnight in tents.

6 Day

Tokmak – Kuryk - Aktau KAZAKHSTAN First half of the day we will enjoy swimming and spending time on the beach in Tokmak. After lunch departure to Aktau. Arrival and transfer to the hotel or airport

  • Accommodation camping (5 nights) including camping tent for 2 pax each, sleeping bag, camping mat, sleeping setup
  • Meals: full board.
  • English speaking guide services
  • Transport with professional driver (trips on the off road SUV)
  • Alcohol and beverages
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Any personal expenses and any services not included in the above itinerary

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